Next step order form

This form will be shown ONLY TO LOGGED IN USERS, with a link from the user area
In field_values we are passing a number of parameters to the “next step” form:
These need to be in the user metadata:

Previous_order_id = that’s the ID of their last filled form (could be “main questionnaire” or “next step”)

In order to calculate if prepaid is yes or no we need the following two parameters from user meta data:

current_plan = what plan are they currently on: 1, 3 or 6
current_month = in their plan, which month are they currently on (for Current_plan=1, this is only 1, for current_plan=3 this could be 1,2,3

If the user is at the end of the pre-paid plan (current_plan=3 and current_plan=3, or 1 and 1 or 6 and 6) they need to pay again, so we need to set prepaid=yes, other wise set to “no”

new_month=current_month+1 , BUT if you are at the end of your plan (plan =1 and month=1, or plan=3 and month=3 or plan=6 and month=6), set to 1

This could be done with shortcodes, or other otherwise.Please look at this link:

The above calculations need to be made, then call the form: